AMS Image Effects

AMS Image Effects 2.4

A simple but powerful picture editing software

AMS Image Effects is a simple photo editing software with an intuitive interface. This program can help editing software with a good level of efficiency.

To use this program quickly, users first need to choose a folder to browse for pictures, and then select any thumbnail available. After that, the picture is selected, after which the users can apply various types of effects to the picture, and even combinations of effects.

In AMS Image Effects, all effects are easily available in options. With this application, users can work with the most popular image file formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP, ICO and WMF.

Users can convert and transform any supported image file types to JPEG level 10 compression, GIF file format with palette transforming, and BMP file format.

In short, AMS Image Effects is a simple, user-friendly software program that can be used by any level of users who just need basic software to conduct some simple photo editing tasks.